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Before you take a look at our discounts, you should know that Windows by Zager is a "no-nonsense pricing" company. Prices are never inflated before announcing ridiculously high discounts. You should keep in mind not to believe all those ads that offer "half price" or state "trade in your old windows" (and many other "SPECIAL PROMOTIONS"). You should know that window companies make up their own retail selling price.


In our case, the retail selling price is based strictly on the total cost of products, labor, and materials (caulking, screws, and so on), in addition to a minimum percentage of profit, which is necessary to stay in business. When Windows by Zager sells a product for, say, $500, there are no price games! That's the price that's required for us to be profitable — prices won't be inflated, and no additional discounts will be provided.


When another company sells the same product with, say, a 30% discount, they might establish their retail price at $1000. This translates to a post-discount price of $700, which is $200 more than what Windows by Zager is offering it for.

Fair prices and honest discounts

Like the name implies, NEAT® from CARDINAL Glass Industries help keep itself clean. This specially processed glass lets nature keep it clean, which makes it a perfect product for use in high windows. NEAT® glass are also great if you don't have the time to clean your windows and doors.


For a limited time, Windows by Zager is offering NEAT® glass at no extra charge when you purchase qualifying products, which include All Custom Window Systems Impact Windows with Cardinal 366 heat-reflective glass.

A "true" 10% savings on our already discounted prices

You might ask yourself how we manage to offer a discount on our already low retail price. This becomes possible because you'll be purchasing directly from Ernie Zager, the owner of Windows by Zager. There are no commissioned middlemen and sales people.

FREE upgrade to "NEAT®" easy clean glass

Save with our two, limited-time special incentives! Specials offers can be combined!

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