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Protect your doors and windows against the ravages of wind, rain, storm, and flying debris with our high-quality removable storm protection shutters. Our removable storm protection panels are cost-effective, durable, and lightweight. They are made in Florida for Florida-style protection.


Windows by Zager has been keeping homes in Clearwater, FL safe and protected for more than 23 years. You can always rely on our years of experience and knowledge for the highest-quality storm protection shutters and panels.

Keep your home safe and protected with storm protection shutters

• Accordion shutters with standard closure or premium closure

• Colonial-style impact shutters - impact shutters

• Bahama-style impact shutters - impact shutters with articulating blades

• Roll up shutters - mechanical or push button remote

Removable, high-quality storm protection shutters and panels

Get .050 aluminum storm panels that are both Florida State approved and Miami-Dade approved. You can get many types of installations, such as direct mount with flush mount sidewalk bolt fasteners or PanelMate Studs with wing nuts, attachment by way of upper H-Headers (no fasteners for you to attach) and studded or studless track on the bottom.


Our Removable Fabric Shield is made in USA (Florida). It is lightweight and easy to store. You can also get this shield in roll up style with permanent mounting. The other product that we offer is Removable Cat 5 Hurricane Screening, made in USA (Florida), used to protect large areas such as lanai and porch areas.

Permanently attached storm protection

Protect your home against a tropical storm with our protective shutters!

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